ASK India Society
Established under Societies Registration Act of 1860 registered at New Delhi
a voluntary organisation ...... committed to provide value-added education to deprived children
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The ASK India Society is a non-profit organisation established for the purpose of providing a value added student education apart from their regular academic studies.
Education to Deprived Children
India is a country of contrasts! The country has as many as 53 billionaires; the fourth highest in the world. But the same country has over 3 million children living on the streets. Among the world’s 10 richest people, four are Indians. On the other side, 17 million Indian children work as labourers. India’s economy is galloping around 7% GDP growth. But also, 2 million children die before their first birthday due to lack of immunization and medical facilities! The statement "Children are the future of the nation" stops making sense, then! In fact, it sounds like an ominous prophecy.

ASK India Society believes that the desired changes in the lives of such children will come only when more and more privileged people start participating proactively in finding a solution. The Organisation also believes that the only way to ensure a better future for these children is by educating them. That is because education is both the means as well as the end; it empowers these children and evolves them as better citizens.
Social Venture Philanthropy
ASK India Society underscores the fact that helping is not simply a matter of dispersing money but of making a deep, long-term commitment and casting a hard eye on results. With this model, the Organisation partners with emerging and committed companies called "ASK Learning Centres" in different States of India and "ASK Clubs" under them for various programmes. It tries to build their capacity, training them to gradually sustain and scale up themselves and their activities. It initially offers them the opportunity to reach their potential and progressively scale up and bear the entire weight themselves. The entire management and operation of ASK India Society is in compliance with the principles of "Good Governance" and thus sets itself apart with its set norms of sustainability, scalability, accountability, transparency, credibility and effective leadership.
Innovative solution to social and business needs
Formed in the year 2010, by a group of young corporate professionals with a philanthropic bent of mind, ASK India Society finds innovative solutions to social issues in alignment with the business needs of companies and willingness of goodhearted individuals and institutions across the globe.
Get involved !!!
We welcome you to join hands with ASK India Society in its effort. Be the agents of hope for these children. Be the strength to give them better lives and eventually to build a better starting an ASK Club in your existing Centres/Homes.